Letter from Herb

To all my customers and friends,

After 20 years of building dock systems, servicing them seasonally, making repairs and handling moorings I’ve reached the end of my career. It’s been a great run, and I’m proud of the company I’ve built and the many friendships that have come with it. But it’s time for me to retire and enjoy my free time. There are a lot of fish to catch and deer to hunt for, and it’s time I get to it. I’ve spent several years in search of the right people to take over my company. I wanted to find people that would continue what I had started, to grow my business and the friendships that come with it.

Back in July I was approached by Derek Dudzic and David Chartier, both of whom currently own and operate successful companies in the local home construction industry. They both have excellent reputations in the local community and bring with them the knowledge and ability to manage a business this size. After several discussions I realized they would be a natural fit to take over my business. We’ve spent the last 6 months planning a transition which I think will be seamless for all of you.

I’ll be staying on for at least the next three years to assist and advise Derek and David as they learn the ropes of running a dock company. Mark will also be staying on as well as several of my seasonal helpers. Over the fall we worked with Cody Haggett, one of David’s employees, who will be moving over to Kennebec Marine. He is a natural fit as he grew up on the water in a lobstering family and has been working for 5 years with David as a builder. He should make a great addition to the team.

I look forward to still seeing and talking to many of you over the coming years as I help Derek and David with this transition.

HerbThank you,


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